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We know how important they are to the family. That is why we have designed a unique membership system in the Veterinary area capable of providing you with security to maintain the health of your pet and focused on the prevention of diseases.


Your membership offers you exclusive services such as;

  • 1 Dermatological or Anti-flea Bath Service or Aesthetic Service at a Special Price on a monthly basis

  • UNLIMITED General Medical Consultation

  • Quarterly internal deworming at no extra charge

  • Annual vaccination vs Rabies at no extra charge

  • Health Certificate for semester trip

  • 50% discount on Preventive Medicine Services

  • Urgent Consultation Service at business hours price

  • Special discounts on food and medicine.

  • Upon reaching 12 months of punctual payment, a complete Check-up will be given as a gift

  • Annual Sterilization or Dental Prophylaxis Service at no cost *


The cost of the service takes into consideration   features   physical and physiological characteristics of each pet, request your quote today and start enjoying the exclusive benefits we have for you.



* The service depends on the type of membership paid by the client.

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