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Atendemos Urgencias y Consultas generales las 24 horas.


Te apoyamos con todos tus tramites al Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México las 24 horas

servicios veterinarios a domicilio

Pregunta por nuestro servicio de Atención Especializada COVID. 


Toma y envio de muestras de laboratorio, Estudios de Ultrasonografía y Radiográficos 

Cirugías Veterinarias

Farmacia Veterinaria

Servicios Funerarios


We change the way we offer the Veterinary Medical Service.

MVZ en casa
Preventive medicine.

Preventive Medicine is the main axis of the Health of your Pet, therefore we offer you a basic plan that consists of:

  • Internal and external deworming.

  • Vaccination


Comprehensive Medical Consultation.

Remember that you do not need to be sick to receive your general medical check-ups, prevention is better than medication.

Although if you already have a disease, insurance requires medical assistance.




Trust us the health of the most special member of the Family, he will receive the treatment he deserves and will be attended by MVZ's trained in the comfort of your home.
Médicos con trajes de protección bacteriológica

Ante esta situación de emergencia sanitaria tu mascota no tiene porque quedarse desprotegida. Contamos con el equipo necesario para ofrecer nuestros servicios en domicilios donde los propietarios de nuestros pacientes sean positivos a COVID-19. Así tu no sales de casa y tu mascota recibe una atención medica oportuna.


Pregunta por el costo de nuestro servicio de Atención Especializada COVID en casa.  

Airport Services.

Our proximity to the AICM allows us to offer you a timely service to your problems with the Health authorities. We have a team of MVZ certified for the exercise of their profession available 24 hours a day.


  • Medical reviews
  • Health Certificates
  • Vaccines
  • Internal deworming
  • External deworming
Servicios al Aeropuerto
Veterinary Emergencies 24h.

We know that Emergencies are serious, that is why we are available to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have the medical team and the necessary experience to carry out emergency medical care in critical patients.


  • Veterinary Hospitalization
  • Canalization
  • In-hospital management
Image by Alvan Nee
Membership System.

We have a membership system that offers you multiple benefits.

Be part of our members and let us spoil your best friend. Visit the special section of Vet + Cota Members .

Image by Pacto Visual
Diagnostic Services.

We have the necessary medical equipment to carry out the diagnosis that your pet requires.

  • Ultrasound Service
  • Taking and Shipping of Laboratory Samples
Surgical procedures.

We have the necessary experience to perform basic surgeries; such as sterilizations or hernia correction, as well as major surgeries involving the digestive and reproductive system.


In matters of Orthopedics we have an external team trained for such procedures.

Veterinary Pharmacy.

We have everything you need so that your pet complies with the letter of the treatment prescribed by his doctor, guaranteeing his rehabilitation and speedy recovery.


We have a wide assortment in:

  • Multivitamins

  • Deworming

  • Flea

  • Otic Treatment

  • Ophthalmic Treatments

  • Dermatological Treatments.

  • Antibiotics, etc.

Sale of food.

The nutrition of your pet is essential for its optimal maintenance, therefore we have at your disposal a wide variety of foods that are sure to adapt to its needs.

  • Premium Food

  • Veterinary Line Foods

  • Holistic Foods

  • BARF food


Sale of Accessories.

We have a wide variety of accessories for pets that will make your life easier and conscious ones.

  • Collars and Leashes.

  • Identification plates.

  • Feeders, drinkers and traditional dishes.

  • Houses, Beds and Sandboxes.

  • Balls and Toys.

  • Baits and Awards.

  • etc.

Canine aesthetics in the office and at home.

We offer a Personalized Dog Grooming Service that we also offer in the comfort of your home. Full service includes haircut, bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal sac cleaning.






* In order to request the service, a previous visit is necessary to guarantee the health of your pet and take into account the necessary care to consider at the time of service, as well as evaluate the condition of the pet's temperament and state

Funeral Services.

Unfortunately every good life always comes to an end. For those difficult times, we offer Veterinary Thanatology services that will help you deal with that sense of loss and give you a good goodbye with our Cremation packages.

Servicios Funerarios
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