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About us

We are a team of Zootechnical Veterinary Doctors interested in changing the way of maintaining the health of your pet, giving them the opportunity to meet in the comfort of their home while being visited by a professional.


As Health professionals we seek to provide a service based on Preventive Medicine. Service that consists of the application of Vaccines, Deworming and medicines used to control ectoparasites (fleas and ticks).


Within our Veterinary Medical Services are the comprehensive medical consultation, application of medical treatments, cures, nail trimming, sampling and laboratory tests, as well as ultrasound, dental prophylaxis, sterilizations and minor surgeries, in which case they must be previously Scheduled under medical appointment (Surgeries are performed in an office and space suitable for said procedure).


As a professional team we are prepared to provide veterinary advice on issues of nutrition, behavior and reproduction (cross, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation).


Change the way of Offering the Veterinary Medical Service, have a closer contact with clients and their pets, as well as provide a support and advice network that facilitates the maintenance of Health.


To be a leading Social Company in the Promotion of One Health Only, raising awareness to the owner and promoting Preventive Medicine around the Mexican Republic, thus being an agent of change that offers a service in constant medical updating and maintaining the necessary infrastructure to provide a Quality service.


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